Maya and the year 2012: transforming the world we live in by our small everyday acts

Read a recent article regarding the transformation of world prophecies related to Mayan calendar. On a first glance the Mayan calendar seems reasonable and insightful as per this other article which is much more informative and credible. The conclusion that can be drawn is that with the end of Mayan calendar, our perception of world may change dramatically; but it wont be on a very accurate date, nor a sudden leap. The transformations have to start from now.

What I find intriguing is that the word Maya is also used a lot in Indian folklore and mythology and is referenced with the ‘illusory reality’ that we feel and behind which lies the true reality.

Intriguing parallel and would appreciate comments form others regarding whether Cognition would reach to such an extent by 2012 that we could see an altered “Reality” (today is World Drugs Day…so this reality has to be real and not hallucinatory)

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