Synapse Vol 1, issue 4 now online

Synapse Vol 1, issue 4 is now online and is hosted at the Neurotopia 2.0.

An excellent article, that made it to this edition of synapse, is a post from A Blog Around the Clock, titled Compared to your pet iguana, you are practically blind , It focuses on the photo pigments present in different mammals and vertebrates. Those who found one of my previous posts (and outgoing links from it) titled 4 cone vision related to different pigments in humans and birds, would definitely find this post useful.

Another excellent article, from Pure Pedantry, discusses the new theory of how AKT signalling (and Parkin ubiquitin) mediated prognosis may explain the typical neuronal loss in Substantia Nigra area found in Parkinsonian patients.

The Neurocritic joins hands with me in criticizing the anti-psychiatry psuedosceince of PLoS. Regular readers would recall that I have crirtcised the same study cited earlier on this blog.

Apart from two of the posts from this blog, other interesting posts featured in the carnival include an update on the latest brain-machine interfaces in the form of MEAs from the Neurophilosopher; and reports on how Iraqi combat situation affected the soldiers posted there from the Mind Hacks.

Have a happy reading.

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