Cognitive and Physical Fitness

In an interesting study, it has been found that high BMI (or excess body weight) in middle-aged adults is linked to cognitive decline. Though the experts have been focusing on a physical causal relationship (mediated by effects of lack of physical exercise on blood vessels / insulin), another plausible hypothesis is that those who have the personality attributes that dispose them towards laziness and a propensity towards lack of physical exertion/ exercise, may similarly be disinclined to use their cognitive capacities to the fullest and exhibit mental laziness too. As the evidence for ‘use it or lose it’ in relation to cognitive capacities is mounting, the ‘lazy’/ ‘careless’/ ‘challenging’ attitude may be the underlying factor reflected in both physical decline (obesity) as well as cognitive decline.

A brain fitness movement currently seems to be gaining momentum, and a new blog SharpBrains has expertise in precisely that niche. They are running a survey and you can let the authors know what content you will like to be featured more on that site. Exercise your brain to the fullest, but don’t neglect that good old physical regimen, as it may have a determining effect too.

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