SharpBrains has come up with an inaugural edition of the Brain Fitness Blog Carnival.

The cover article (if I may say so), by Alan Deutschman of Fastcompay, is an engaging look at how we may solve the wrong problems, like that of overeating- and ignore the real problems- those of stress, depression, existential angst that actually lead to overeating. The article is an important reminder that in the brain fitness domain, we need to frame the right questions and solve the right problems.

Other articles range form those on the importance of sleep for brain health to those explaining how CBT affects and heals the brain. There are a lot of gems to be discovered, so head over straight to the SharpBrainsn blog and indulge in some gold-mining.

PS: To regular readers of this blog who have been missing the regular posts,I’m sort of on a hiatus. Will, hopefully, blog more in the future.

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