Encephalon 50th edition now up: next one to be hosted here!

The 50th edition of the blog carnival Encephalon has been ably hosted by the SharpBrains blog.

It contains many gems and my favorites include a study of fearful and disgustful facial expressions that surmises how they may have evolved to enhance and reduce sensory stimulation respectively. Another article reports on the cutting edge of using deep TMS , in a matter akin to DBS, but without the associated invasive complexities and proceduers, to treat a variety of diseases from schizophrenia to obesity.

Another article that caught my fancy commented on how a latest paper wrongly attributed categorization processess in a monkey experiment where none might have been involved. There are many more such articles, so go ahead and indulge yourself.

The next edition of Encephalon, will be hosted by yours truly, right here at The Mouse Trap blog. It would be hosted on August 4th, so do send in your entries to encephalon.host@gmail.com in time for the same.

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