Encephalon Emerald Edition

The emerald Edition of Encephalon is just out at the Neuroscientifically challenged and Marc does a good job of bringing to light some of the most interesting and fascinating posts on brain from the last two weeks. A few that I found immediately drawn to were Greg Downey’s critical appraisal of the neuroplasticity popular press misconceptions and he does a pretty good job of that while simultaneously arousing interest in neuroplasticity in general and Doidge’s book in particular. another goo done is the growing recognition that antidepressant can temporarily increase suicide risk and that anti-psychotics may be a novel treatment for reducing suicide risk as they help control impulsivity. To me dopamine is related to impulsivity and anti-psychotics seem a better bet than anti-depressants when targeting suicide as most suicide is due to high impulsivity. There are many more gems, so go have a look.

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