Links from my #Leadership/ #PosPsy blog: 15 May 2016

Many of you may know that I am a Gallup certified strengths as well as a well-being/life coach; and l do workshop facilitation in leadership development space.

As part of reaching out to people who may benefit from applying positive psychology principles to their work/ daily life, I have decided recently to blog more frequently on Flourish Mentoring, my Leadership and Positive psychology based self-improvement blog and website.

This also means that any posts that are primarily related to positive psychology will no longer be posted on The Mouse Trap, but will find a new home on the Flourish Mentoring blog. But then, I also believe, some of you may benefit and will be interested in those blog posts, so I have decided to post a fortnightly links from that blog on this one.  Let me know, via comments, if you would prefer otherwise!!

With that said, here are a few links from the past 2 weeks:

  1. Happiness and good relationships at work: based on a study by BCG group and touching on Herzberg theory of hygiene-motivators.
  2. Unemployment better than holding a poor quality job: In the context of mental health, how a poor psychosocial quality job may be worse than no job!
  3. Factors underlying exceptional expertise and creativity: where I come up with the equation: Strength= Talent x Skills x Knowledge x Diligence.
  4. My CV (of failures) : On the importance of being candid and at peace with your failures.
  5. Indian parents prioritize career success over happiness for their kids:on how parents’ career-focused expectations lead to worse outcomes for their children, including in extreme cases, steps like suicide.
  6. Redesigning the experience of your (Monday) morning coffee: an experiment in creativity and design thinking.
  7. Caught in the middle: mental health of middle managers: Where I extrapolate from dominance studies in macaque to stress faced by middle managers.
  8. Blogging daily vs slogging daily: documenting my resolve (and challenges) of blogging daily.
  9. The six styles of procrastination: On procrastination, applied with an example to myself.
  10. Diversity as the defining feature of a high performing team: On the importance of diversity for the performance of a team.

That’s it for now; have a happy reading!

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