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Best of Tweets: 24-06-09

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Not much activity last week, yet:

  1. Aripiprazole, Dopamine, and Well-Being – Science or Selling Point?
  2. The origins of Language
  3. Beauty: symmetry versus averageness
  4. Nerve Cells and Glial Cells: Redefining the Foundation of Intelligence
  5. On Anonyminity
  6. The Dearth of Artificial Intelligence
  7. pls RT/Buy: Just published my novel on Lulu   
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Best of Tweets: 17-06-09

Haiku to a Summer LeafImage by Springsun via Flickr

Here goes: 

  1. fear elicits herding & social proof/desire the need for distinctiveness/oh! the tyranny of persuasion heuristics #scaiku
  2. good acts were constrained/ bad acts were free/ the paradox of initial moral intuition #scaiku #haiku #morality
  4. A Better Mood Broadens Your Field Of Vision
  5. The Top 10 Existential Movies of All Time
  6. lifeless and mechanical /or conscious and impotent/ a zombie or a madman? #haiku #scaiku #consciousness
  7. hyper-systematizing, greater attention to details and savantism RT @anibalmastobiza: Talent in autism:
  8. @mocost re: svante paabo, the article is decent; may be look for emergent linguistic behavior in mice housed together?      
  9. must read:Lehrer on ‘big picture’ science journalism and the ‘narrow picture’ but more demanding actual scientific work
  10. Joshua Knobe‘s new paper on how moral and causal reasoning are shaped by imperatives of counterfactual thinking  
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Best of Tweets: 27-05-09

Here goes:

  1. Fast, happy, and impulsive I: Speed makes you happy 
  2. Bad drives reactions, Good propels behaviors 
  3. even ‘classical’ radioactivity is random RT @Wildcat2030: Free Will And Quantum Physics: Less Related Than You Think – 
  4. co-operation as ‘another’ feature/ guiding principle of evolution RT @XiXiDu: The Key to Success?
  5. RT @mariapage: RT @news_science: Psychologists find that head movement is more important than … #LinkTweet
  6. the improv. nature of web2.0 RT @Wildcat2030: new essay “Wildcat: Jazzing the Beast” The web cultural revolution
  7. RT @BoraZ: @carlzimmer: .3quarksdaily’s new prize for science blogs. Submit url of your favorite blog post:
  8. Encephalon #71: Big Night
  9.   The Universal Language of Bird Song – Very Short List  
  10. Welcome to the Stream: The Next Phase of the Web | Twine
  11. RT @anibalmastobiza: RT: @DoctorZhivago Why We Stare, Even When We Don’t Want to:
  12. RT @Wildcat2030: “In search of the black swans” Mark Buchanan comments on marginal revolutionary ideas in science   

Best of Tweets: 20-05-09

I am starting an experimental new feature today called Best of Tweets. Many other bloggers do weekly link fests and I had somehow refrained form doing one myself. Using twitter, I am able to share many more links that I find interesting instantly , but I know that many of you are not on twitter; so perhaps a weekly best of tweets post that aggregates the best of my tweets for the past week may be useful to the mouse trap blog readers. Do tell me via comments whether you find this useful.Remember that this is a manually compiled by me list of best of tweets and is not auto generated, so I am putting some additional efforts here.

Without further ado, here is the best of tweets for week ending 20-05-09:

  1. RT @Wildcat2030: In defense of distraction–it’s not a bug, it’s a feature of a new techno-nomadic culture. (via @LynJ)
  2. Debates on free will / perchance or predetermined / now silence reigns, courtesy free won’t #haiku #scaiku (ver 2) #philosophy (for the background of this tweet go read the 4 way convesration I had on twitter on free-will yesterday)
  3. I believe in a libertarian free will concept and thus found the recent Nature article based on randomness in… re:
  4. a 5 part npr series on brain/spirituality RT @kdwashburn: Great interactive graphic on the brain and spirituality:
  5. RT @kdwashburn: “reading someone else’s attention involves the same brain circuits that control one’s own attention” 
  6. Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
  7. Narrative gravity /go spin a yarn/define yourself . via @LeadonYoung: & #scaiku 
  8. Creativity ,esp. musical / ‘a seething cauldron of ideas’/ Jonah peeps in your brain : : #scaiku #haiku #science
  9.  Triune Ethics: On Neurobiology and Multiple Moralities « Neuroanthropology
  10. Your will is free / not everything is a reaction/ behold the fly acting random! #scaiku #science #haiku #cognitive 
  11. Depression and Mania / which one comes first / a serpent eating its tail ? : #scaiku #science #haiku
  12. psychosis or a dream/ hard to tell/an overactive default network : #scaiku #haiku #science
  13. “We can’t control the world, but we can control how we think about it”: Mischel . Sounds a lot like Viktor Frankl.
  14. via @anibalmastobiza : cool genomic imprinting paper that predates Badcock/Crespi’s work on Autism/Psychosis