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  2. Beliz Hazan says:

    My name is Beliz Hazan.Having graduated from the
    psychology department of Ege University with
    a bachelor’s degree in psychology in July 2006, I have developed a
    strong interest in psychological research, particularly in
    experimental psychology. During my undergradute studies, I found the
    chance of taking courses on perception, psychology of learning,
    experimental psychology, research methods and psychometry. In
    September 2006, I was admitted to Hacettepe University as it is highly
    reputed for its medical school and its experimental programmes. The
    MSc programme in experimental psychology lasted 3 years, from 2006
    until 2009, including one year of taught programme and two years of
    research. The title of my master thesis was Comparison of the
    cognition,meta-cognition and personal features in patients with
    psychophsiological insomnia, paradoxical insomnia and healthy people.
    In my thesis I applied 7 neuropsychological tests including two
    meta-memory tasks. Now I am studying in the PhD program of Cognition, Brain and Behavior subprogram at Brooklyn College in City University of New York.

    In the frame of this program I am attending too the Class of Cognitive Psychology. For this week we had a homework about the article of Chomsky on Skinner’s theory. I had an opportunity to read you article also. Thank you. It was very beneficial for me in terms of understanding the original article.

    Thank you again.
    Beliz Hazan

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