Encephalon #3 is online now!

Thinking Meat has just published a brand new edition of Encephalon, the Encephalon #3.

One of the postings, from the neurophilosopher, is a review of Eric Kandel’s book-cum-autobiography. In the review , the neurophilosopher draws an analogy with Steven Rose’s book Making Memory. I have that book by Rose and had started reading it sometime back, so can appreciate how deftly some people can mix personal memory with the supposedly-dry-academic memory research. If I manage to read Rose’s book sometime soon, expect a review here.

Neurotopia has an article on ALS. I was introduced to ALS as part of reading “Tuesdays with Morrie“. It is interesting to note that microglia play an important part on prognosis and the study helps differentiate between onset and progression.

Talking of diseases, Neurocritic has a post in which about spindle neurons, which seem to be implicated to greater degree in Alzhiemer’s and to a slightly lesser degree in Autism. What is interesting is that they are mostly found in ACC (anterior cingulate cortex) and are exclusive to humans. Thus focus on them, Neurocrtic suggests may be of much better use, then on Mirror Neurons. There are some posts about mirror neurons too as part of the carnival.

There is a post by Developing Intelligence, regarding noise and information theory, which seemed to go over my head in first go. Will have to read the original articles more keenly to make more sense.

Finally, there are other posts like Binaulral beats or how robots can get a Theory of Mind or atleast a ‘shared world’.

And of course, there are articles from this blog – mostly on Color vision.

More cool stuff there. Have a nice read.

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