The power assumption : Do we really want to be the alpha males?

BPS research digest has just published some articles and one of the article that seemed to catch attention was related to pursuit of power. As per this, game theoretical experiments have demonstrated that, if given a choice, we would like to have more power over ourselves and our behaviors, than over others behaviors. This seems to be a groundbreaking study, that posits that in the dimension of power we are more motivated by being masters of ourselves than being an alpha male and dictating terms for others.

In other words, they believe we’re driven to increase our ‘personal power’ over
ourselves, but not necessarily our ‘social power’ over others.

In another post on BPS related to the brain centers engaged during eyes closed and eyes open situation in a dark room, it is posited that in the dark room condition, eyes open leads to an ‘exteroceptive’ state characterized by attention and oculomotor activity while eyes closed corresponds to an an ‘interoceptive’ state characterized by imagination and multi sensory activity. Here it is claimed that in eyes closed scenario, imagination and corresponding sensory activation are utilized. This seems to be counterintuitive, as in a dark room, with eyes open, we should be paying more attention to any threatening stimuli- why this does not lead to greater sensory acuity in visual/auditory senses needs explanation. In the eyes open, one could hopefully relax and indulge in night-dreaming.

What would be the brain activations in the closed eye and open eye conditions in a brightly lit room? Would that mean that different systems kick in, not only during eyes open and closed conditions, but also in night/day conditions?

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