Follow Fifi and others as they roam around the Gombe Chimpanzee Park

As per this new Google initiative, one can now follow Fifi and other Chimpanzees in real-time as they roam around the Gombe Chimpanzee park using the Google Earth Featured Content. All you have to do is download Google Earth , choose the Jane Goodall’s Gombe Chimpanzee Blog in the Featured Content section visible in the left sidebar and enjoy!

Although, I was not able to zoom in a live image of a chimpanzee ( as all of them were foraging in the dense forest and thus not visible), but with perseverance one may catch a live video of a chimp playing in an open area. Also, this would be of help to the primatologists amongst us, who could track the movements of these chimpanzees.

More power to Google!

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