Encephalon #10: A treat for your mind!

The latest edition of encephalon, the brain carnival, has just been published by Bora at A Blog Around The Clock.

It is a truly outstanding issue highlighting some of the best cognitive posts on the web.

My favorite picks are Gene Expression’s excellent summary of the current view of Hippocampal formation as a memory consolidator and also as representing spatio-temporal information in the form of Cognitive Maps.

The readers of this blog will remember that this blog started with a cognitive map focus and it is heartening to see how the place and grid cell systems discovered in Hippcoampus may contribute to the different dissociated memory areas hypothesized in the hippocampus regarding novelty and similarity (recollection) memory retrieval. Incidentally, the novelty related area, found using fMRI, was the rhinal cortices and the grid cells are also found there! I would write a detailed mail linking everything up, but for now you may want to savor the other great articles in the Encephalon- another favorite being the exploration of peripersonal space in neglect patients by Michael.

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