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Vote for your favorite science book ever

The discover magazine has unveiled its collection of 25 best science books ever and has also put up these books for online voting, whereby you can vote for your favorite science book from the 25 shortlisted, or vote for a book of your choice that is not listed.

Interestingly, Darwin’s The Origin of Species wins hands down in the online voting; with only Newton and Einstein giving some challenge. Also, as many as ~15 % of voters have voted for books not in the shortlist. More interestingly, Freud has just been able to get an honorable mention!

The accompanying article by Kary Mullis is a nice read.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and vote for your favorite amongst such writers as Gould, Wilson and Dawkins (why do they shortlist so many evolutionary thinkers…and on a similar note why do we have so many blog postings on evolution, especially defending/proving evolution?) ..and then there is Oliver Sacks and James Watson too, so plenty of choices for the regular readers of this blog.


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