My first book published!!

No, its not a Psychology/ Neuroscience book….It is a poetry book and I have self-published it , online using ‘If I were a book . com’. The poetry book titled Songs to Soothe Your Soulcontains sonnets I wrote during my college years. Maybe someone would like to psycho-analyze them!!

The site offers chance for getting published in the real world , but for that to happen readers have to read the book and rate it highly so that publishers would bother to have a look. SO my personal request to you all to go on the site, read the poems and rate as you like it!! I’ll also be adding a link to that book in my sidebar.

By the way, this is just a taste of things to come. I have written a book title “The Sculptor and the Sandman“, which is psychologically inspired and focussed on delineating the psychotic and schizophrenic experience and how that may differ from other world views like that of a rational scientist (may having ASD). So watch this space for more info on that!!

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