Oligodendrocytes, Homunculus and surgery for Epilepsy

Guess what each of them have in common? While the discovery of oligodendrocytes was a result of painstaking cyto-architectural efforts of Dr. Penfield, the Montreal procedure he developed, which involved probing the brain areas around the tumor to be removed, also paved the way for the ‘scientific phrenology’ whereby the sensory and motor (and other areas too eventually) areas were mapped and gifted us with the Homunculus. If you, like me, were unaware of the oligodendrocytes link with Penfield, you may find Neurophiliosophy post on Penfield fascinating. Even if you knew this fact, do checkout the excellent profile of Dr. Penfield, and discover how he is connected to the who’s who of Neuroscience- from Hughlinghs Jackson to Donald Hebb. An excellent article indeed and one that will definitely find place in the Open Lab 2008.

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