Why is Science Important: the Film

As many of you might know, I had contributed to the web based project ‘Why is science important’ run by Alom Shaha. You can read my contributions here.The web site was a vehicle to the final target of filming the myriad reasons why people involved with science find it interesting/ important. The film has now been completed and is available in its entirety at the why is science important website. It has been beautifully made and deserves wide circulation.

I am also trying to embed the video here, but beware that you need to turn HD off if you are on a slow connection, else the download rate would be pathetic.

Why is Science Important? from Alom Shaha on Vimeo.

I would also like to add a small note that while I wholeheartedly agree with Alom that creativity and curiosity are what make Science interesting and important, I would still like to stress the ‘truth’ factor on which I dwelt in my original posting. In my view, a delusional person also very creatively constructs an elaborate delusional framework to make sense of his experiences, and he is indeed very curious to find out and explain things, but lacking any insight/ grounding in reality can’t be deemed to be scientific. Science has to be seen from the prism of the most approximate construal of reality that we have, to distinguish it from other similarly creative and curiosity guided phenomenon like the pseudosciences of astrology, religion (which satisfy existential curiosity and are very creative at times in their tenets, beliefs etc) etc. To me, science still stands for the only method that can bring me closer to the ‘truth’ and thus help me deal most pragmatically with the external reality.

But do read the different views that are presenetd excellently and deftly by Alom. Kudos to him for taking such an initiative. If it were to me, I would mandate that this film be shown to all school children and teachers who are interested in Science to give them a broader perspective. Please do link from your blogs or circulate otherwise.

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