Best of Tweets: 27-05-09

Here goes:

  1. Fast, happy, and impulsive I: Speed makes you happy 
  2. Bad drives reactions, Good propels behaviors 
  3. even ‘classical’ radioactivity is random RT @Wildcat2030: Free Will And Quantum Physics: Less Related Than You Think – 
  4. co-operation as ‘another’ feature/ guiding principle of evolution RT @XiXiDu: The Key to Success?
  5. RT @mariapage: RT @news_science: Psychologists find that head movement is more important than … #LinkTweet
  6. the improv. nature of web2.0 RT @Wildcat2030: new essay “Wildcat: Jazzing the Beast” The web cultural revolution
  7. RT @BoraZ: @carlzimmer: .3quarksdaily’s new prize for science blogs. Submit url of your favorite blog post:
  8. Encephalon #71: Big Night
  9.   The Universal Language of Bird Song – Very Short List  
  10. Welcome to the Stream: The Next Phase of the Web | Twine
  11. RT @anibalmastobiza: RT: @DoctorZhivago Why We Stare, Even When We Don’t Want to:
  12. RT @Wildcat2030: “In search of the black swans” Mark Buchanan comments on marginal revolutionary ideas in science   

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