Savor the brain delicacies: encephalon 12 served hot and spicy at the AlphaPsy

The latest Encephalon, available at the AlphaPsy, is a mouth-watering treat that is not to be missed for life. It is not only delicious, but also healthy and wholesome.

You can jump to the main course, which starts with this blog’s contributions, or you can savor the appetizers first like the recent research implicating entorhinal cortex with stimulus novelty detection and hippocampus with associative novelty detection based on comparing the stimulus with an expectation that is generated based on the last presented stimulus. This lines up neatly with earlier studies I have reported regarding three dissociated process of novelty, familiarity and recollection detection and the place and grid cells present in hippocampus and the associated cognitive map theory of the hippocampal function.

There are other delicacies ranging from the humpback whales spindle neurons to the self-fulfilling-prophecy effects that lead to bad luck for Vietnamese children born in bad luck years.

Recalling the feast has already made me hungry again, so I am going back to have a second course, or at least a few more desserts. Hope you manage to get there before me; don’t complain if the stocks get exhausted!!

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