Rasing Successful kids

Carol Dweck, whose research I have covered extensively earlier, writes in this month’s Scientific American Mind , regarding how to raise a successful child. She touches upon the entity vs incremental theories of intelligence, which she frames as fixed and innate abilities vis-a-vis a growth mindset. As per this theory having successful and intelligent children depends on not praising the children for their smarts or intelligence or talent , but on their efforts and hard work. Also, to inculcate in them a sense of brain’s malleability and to view challenges as resulting in growth as a result of facing difficulties and seeing the challenges as opportunities for brain development and learning. this view purportedly leads to more motivation and effort while facing life challenges or solving educational problems. Ironically, the article is titled The Secret to Raising Smart Kids, while in my opinion , to not reinforce the ‘smart’ stereotype, it should have been labeled The Secret to Raising Successful Kids. this would have also captured the recent Strenberg’s emphasis on successful intelligence.

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