The Mouse Trap is in the WIKIO 100 Top Science Blogs!!

I would like to thank all the readres of this blog, especially those who have linked to my posts or commented here; as a result of their patronage the humble Mouse Trap blog has made it to the top 100 Science blogs list maintained by none other than Wikio. It is a great honor to share the same space as that of BPS research digest, Cognitive Daily, Sharp Brains, Mixing Memory and  Developing Intelligence, to name a few of my admired blogs. I note that my ranking is 93 and prone to slip from the top 100 list next time; that doesnt bother me- this recognition, even if not sustained, but for one time only, acts as  a booster to motivate and spur towards more and more quality blogging.  

Thanks again to all the readers.

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4 thoughts on “The Mouse Trap is in the WIKIO 100 Top Science Blogs!!

  1. Sandy G

    Hi Ricercar,

    Nice to hear back from you. I had assumed you had stopped reading this blog. In case you happen to read this comment, do send me the details of this study you had mentioned in one of your earlier comments
    Someone at the lab is doing a study. not sure of teh details but its looking at the superficial similarities in social cognitive skill deficiencies in autism and schizophrenia patients and trying to prove that the underlying causes are different. I will try to get you more info if you are still interested.
    Yes I am very much interested, You can reach me at sandygautam[AT]yahoo[DOT]com or sandygautam17[AT]gmail[DOT]com

    Thanks for continuing to read!

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