Encephalon #66 is now out!

Encepahlon #66 is now out at the Ionian enchantment and is an official no-frills no-fuss edition; It contains a motley collection of articles and some of the ones that caught my fancy were a Effortless Incitement commentary on a Daniel Neetle paper related to how likely it is that you know about your sibling’s death, based on whether you are fully related or step-siblings or maternally/paternally related half-siblings. Another good article is on the spatial memory encoding by Neurophilosophy.

An unusual article worth checking out is Podblack cat’s article exploring whether poetry is inspirational in nature and dependent on one-shot creative process (maybe having a long previous gestation period, but resulting in a dramatic giving-to-birth moment)or can be perfected with practice and hard work. Although I am a pretty hardliner adherent to practice as being superior to inborn talent/giftedness theory, I would still maintain that poetry is more of a un/subconscious skill and is not easily broken into explicit steps that can be first verbalized, practiced and then later gained expertise in- it is more like learning to ride a bicycle- you have to learn it and become good with practice, but you cannot really teach much there. I respect Stephen Fry a lot, and would definitely read the Ode Less Traveled, but I’m not sure I completely buy the theory that you can really teach poetry! I write poetry myself and so am entitled to my own opionion on that front!

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