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Encephalon: call for submissions

The next edition of the fortnightly brain carnival Encephalon, will be published right here at The Mouse Trap. So all you brainy folks out there, do send in your submissions before Monday, the 4th of August to and I would love to include your submissions in the next issue.

Encephalon 50th edition now up: next one to be hosted here!

The 50th edition of the blog carnival Encephalon has been ably hosted by the SharpBrains blog.

It contains many gems and my favorites include a study of fearful and disgustful facial expressions that surmises how they may have evolved to enhance and reduce sensory stimulation respectively. Another article reports on the cutting edge of using deep TMS , in a matter akin to DBS, but without the associated invasive complexities and proceduers, to treat a variety of diseases from schizophrenia to obesity.

Another article that caught my fancy commented on how a latest paper wrongly attributed categorization processess in a monkey experiment where none might have been involved. There are many more such articles, so go ahead and indulge yourself.

The next edition of Encephalon, will be hosted by yours truly, right here at The Mouse Trap blog. It would be hosted on August 4th, so do send in your entries to in time for the same.

Encephalon: New Season arrives

The new season of Encephalon has started at the Sharpbrains blog and this time addresses 24 questions to the US presidential candidates ala science debate 2008!

There are a variety of good posts there including discussions of free will and whether a trauma is relevant for PTSD ?

Have a look and contribute to further editions!!

Encephalon: second innings to start with a bang!

Alvaro, at the Sharpbrains , has taken over the ownership of the brain sciences blog carnival Encephalon, and would be opening the second innings on the 18th of feb. He has just posted an announcement on Sharpbrains as to how to contribute. The rules and procedure remain the same. You need to send a mail to encephalonDOThostATgmailDOTcom (convert CAPS to special chars ).

I’m hopeful that we are going to see some interesting posts via this carnival. If you have written a neurosciences/ psychology related post in the past few weeks , do send them to the carnival.

Let the Mouse Party begin : Encehpalon #37 is up!

Encephalon #37 is up at A Blog Around The Clock. While I liked, amongst others , the post pitting amygadala (subjective) with insula (objective) in beauty perception, what I was mesmerized with was the Mouse Party post.

Mouse Party is a web resource developed by university of Utah, that lets you see with very cool animations the effects of common drugs of abuse like LSD, Ecstasy etc. Lately I have been blogging a bit about ecstasy , LSD (Leary’s model of consciousness etc), so along with the mouse theme, this immediately caught my eye.

The 33rd edition of Encephelon online now!

the 33rd edition of neuroscience carnival encephalon is now online. A couple of my favorites include the review of “The Body has a Mind of its own” and a post on the lateral asymmetry in brains of nematode worm. Many other cool article like the articles on Psyblog regarding neuroscientists battling with stroke / bipolar disorder can be found there, so rush on to the encephalon.

The Anniversary edition of Encephalon

The Anniversary edition of Encephalon has just been published on the Neurophilosophy blog. Incidentally, Neurophilosophy blog has now joined rank with the other Science bloggers at the site, so those who used to visit Neurophilosophy better update their bookmarks / feed URLs.

Encephalon #20 is online now!

Catch your latest edition of Encephalon at the Nurontic blog. Orli does a good job of presenting posts as varied as reporting on an inverse relation between neurogenesis and working memory to speculation on how one may replicate one’s consciousness in a machine.