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A Decade of Blogging: the Top 10 posts on The Mouse Trap

19 may 2006 was the day I blogged for the first time; the platform was blogspot and I was unsure of what direction my blog will take and whether I will be able to make a difference and convey my thoughts and learning to a broader audience.

A decade later, with more than a million page views, I am decently satisfied with having found a niche for myself and for creating some positive impact.

But one lament I have is that I have slowed down considerably. In the first 3 and half years, while the blog was hosted on blogspot, I wrote about 360 blog posts; in Oct 2009, I had moved to self hosted blog, and since then (in the last 6 and half years) I have only written about 120 posts. Which means I have slowed down by about a factor of 6 the frequency with which I post; more importantly I’m not sure the quality of the blog posts is still that high. I would love comments from long time readers of this blog as to what they see as the evolution of the blog and what they can advise me regarding its further course.

For those who may be new to this blog, I would like to share the top 10 posts on The Mouse Trap (I have combined data from the blogspot as well as the self-hosted blog) :

  1. Maslow’s eight basic needs and the eight stage developmental model
  2. Schizophrenia: 4 a’s and ABCD
  3. Ego Development: the nine stages theory of Loevinger
  4. The Five Core Social Motives
  5. Different stages of pretend play and how they relate to language development
  6. Robert Kegan’s stages of Social Maturity/ orders of consciousness
  7. Theories of Intelligence : Entity Vs Incremental theory
  8. Allport’s eight stages of self (proprium) development
  9. Bipolar Phenotype: Excessive self-regulatory focus
  10. Five kinds of self/self-knowledge

Honorary mention: Goals of Psychology and major personality theory groupings, which just missed the boat!

That’s it for now, happy (re)reading!