Best of Tweets: 24-06-09

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Not much activity last week, yet:

  1. Aripiprazole, Dopamine, and Well-Being – Science or Selling Point?
  2. The origins of Language
  3. Beauty: symmetry versus averageness
  4. Nerve Cells and Glial Cells: Redefining the Foundation of Intelligence
  5. On Anonyminity
  6. The Dearth of Artificial Intelligence
  7. pls RT/Buy: Just published my novel on Lulu   
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One thought on “Best of Tweets: 24-06-09

  1. Mariana Soffer

    i loved the tweets, the dopamine, the anonymithy, and the end of AI where fantastic things that you found, The midle of nowhere seems also an intresting blog. And thank you very much for including my improvised post

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