Synapse vol 1, issue 5 now online

Synapse vol 1, issue 5 is now online at the Retrospectacle.

This issue of the Synapse features interviews; introductory descriptions of topics as varied as eye movements and sleep disorders; cutting edge news on developments like HAR1’s light-to-prominence; detailed analysis of niches like bird songs and circadian rhythms and much more. Go to the Retrospectacle to catch on.

There is also an article on Childhood Poverty and Neurocognitive Development and this takes forward the debate on effect of socio-economic status on IQ and cognitive abilities that have been earlier mused on by me earlier on the mouse trap.

As usual, a post from this blog features in the Carnival.

The Next synapse, i.e. Synapse Vol 1 Issue 6 would be hosted right here at The Mouse Trap on September 3, 2006. So don’t forget to drop in then and also drop in your submissions for that edition in the meanwhile. Submission guidelines are right here. Deadline for submissions – one minute before midnight, September 2,2006!

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