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Here goes: 

  1. fear elicits herding & social proof/desire the need for distinctiveness/oh! the tyranny of persuasion heuristics http://bit.ly/ZTQis #scaiku
  2. good acts were constrained/ bad acts were free/ the paradox of initial moral intuition http://bit.ly/13ky8o #scaiku #haiku #morality
  3. Edge: HOW DOES OUR LANGUAGE SHAPE THE WAY WE THINK? By Lera Boroditsky http://ff.im/-3ZKxC
  4. A Better Mood Broadens Your Field Of Vision http://ff.im/-3QAq4
  5. The Top 10 Existential Movies of All Time http://ff.im/-3Jyj7
  6. lifeless and mechanical /or conscious and impotent/ a zombie or a madman? http://bit.ly/187qqT #haiku #scaiku #consciousness
  7. hyper-systematizing, greater attention to details and savantism RT @anibalmastobiza: Talent in autism: http://bit.ly/xjIb7
  8. @mocost re: svante paabo, the article is decent; may be look for emergent linguistic behavior in mice housed together? http://bit.ly/19CEi3      
  9. must read:Lehrer on ‘big picture’ science journalism and the ‘narrow picture’ but more demanding actual scientific work http://bit.ly/fDD1z
  10. Joshua Knobe‘s new paper on how moral and causal reasoning are shaped by imperatives of counterfactual thinking http://bit.ly/1vE9y  
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